Custom Retreats

Relax · Recharge · Replenish · Revive

Why not ‘design-your-own getaway’ so you can customise your retreat experience and get exactly what you want (and need) from your time off.

Our expert team are always on hand to help guide your exploration into fitness and wellness and help draw up a daily schedule, but ultimately the choice is yours.

Choose from a full spectrum of activities and therapies (below).


What to do next:

Identifiy your groups' goals and desired experience. Take a look at the list of activities and therapies below to draw inspiration or send a note to our team to enquire about possbilities open to you and your party.

We Provide:

  • Classes
  • Mini health MOT’s
  • Personal training sessions
  • One-one life coaching
  • Expertise in body-mind practices
  • A toolkit of practical hints and tips to support you 'post retreat'
  • Group building practices
  • A natural and energised environment
  • Nutritional support & advice
  • Beach Yoga
  • Holistic treatments (including facials, massage and reflexology)
  • Luxury accommodation
  • Local excursions (optional)


  • Pole Fitness (beginner / intermediate / advanced)
  • Personal Training Sessions
  • Power Yoga
  • The Ultimate Kick Box Challenge
  • Stretch, Tone & Condition
  • Dynamic Core Vinyasa (more powerful)
  • Gentle Vinyasa (medium challenge)
  • Healing Through Movement
  • Restorative Asanas (slow paced, great for all)
  • Pranayama (more involved yoga breathing techniques)
  • Meditation Techniques (several approaches)
  • Couples & Group Yoga
  • Core Integrated Strength


  • The Bach Flower Remedies
  • Setting Intentions & Goals
  • Foot Health & Vitality
  • Endless Energy - Feed The Mind
  • Stress Management - Preventing Burnout
  • Boosting Immunity Naturally
  • A Better Night's Sleep - Tips & Techniques
  • Kickstarting New Healthy Habits
  • The Facts About Balancing Blood Sugar Levels
  • The Facts On Fat
  • Building Resiliance Against Stress
  • Detoxification Made Simple
  • Healthy Living Cooking Class
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