Our Retreats 2024

July 5-7 | August 16-18 | September 6-8 | October 4-6 | November 1-3 | December 13-15

Relax · Recharge · Replenish · Revive

The retreats are a well-deserved opportunity for you to nourish your ‘inner-wellness’, let yourself be pampered, improve your fitness, try new things and recharge in a beautiful healing environment.

Each retreat is slightly different offering something for everyone, with the opportunity for you to enter a world of transformation and re-discover your vitality.

We take care of absolutely everything guaranteeing that personal touch and our undivided attention. For this reason, we limit numbers on each retreat to a maximum of 8.

Just relax and let the magic of your retreat wash over you!!

Total Body Wellness Retreat

Multiple Weekends Available | From £550

Approaching your wellbeing from a Total Body Wellness perspective helps you to target different aspects of your emotional, physical and mental health, ensuring well-rounded health practices that optimise your body from head to toe!

We recognise that it’s important to look at your health from a holistic standpoint too since everything is connected and interrelated. Our team of healing practitioners help you develop and personalise your own tool-kit allowing you to consider all dimensions of your health in order to ‘live your best life’.

Women's Retreat

Multiple Dates Available | From £550

What makes this Women's Retreat special is that you get to travel to a place where the focus is totally on you! You will be nurtured and supported by our team of master healing practitioners who will give you the tools you need to live your best life possible!

Yoga & Meditation Weekend

Multiple Dates Available | From £550

Rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit with this holistic Yoga and Meditation Retreat Package. Your yoga and Meditation Retreat begins with a one-to-one consultation exploring your current dietary habits, lifestyle and goals. Working with a nutritional expert, the emphasis will be placed on personalising a plan that is 'right for you'.

Customise Your Own Retreat

If you can't see exactly what you're looking for in our retreat packages, please visit our custom retreats page where you can design your own itinerary.

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